Acne Treatments In NYC

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Deep Pore Treatment: $150 (60 min)

The treatment with THOROUGH extraction for congested skin with blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes or ‘bumps’. Includes enzymatic exfoliation.

Acne Chemical Peel: $100 (30 min)

We choose the peel for your acne type and grade to unclog the impacted pores, loosen the impactions, exfoliate the inner walls of the pores to target current breakouts and prevent the new ones.

LED Treatment LightStim: $60 (30 min)

We customized blue and red light of LightStim depending on what type of acne you mainly have.

Acne Before and After Case Studies

Inflamed Acne


  • redness/ blotchiness
  • hot to the touch
  • pimples/ pustules/ whiteheads/ blackheads
  • possibility of cysts
  • excessive oil
  • sensitive skin and reactive to products

Noninflamed Acne


  • dull sluggish appearance
  • bumps/blackheads/blemish
  • some pimples/ pustules but not as many as inflamed acne
  • tissue congestion
  • excessive oil
  • skin generally not sensitive or reactive

Acne & Hyperpigmentation


  • dull sluggish appearance
  • Hyperpigmentation (dark spots) where acne has occurred
  • Inflamed, noninflamed acne or both
  • excessive oil
  • tissue congestion
  • skin generally not sensitive or reactive



  • facial flushing
  • facial redness
  • facial papules
  • facial pustules
  • face gets red after drinking alcohol or hot drinks
  • face gets red and/or bumpy after eating spicy foods.
  • face gets red and/or bumpy with hot / cold temps or exercise.